Monday, January 28th, 2008 | sophie | No Comments

At the end of last year I promised myself that I’d do more exercise and so in time honoured tradition, set this as one of my new year’s resolutions. Four weeks later, and minus a week where I suffered some nasty lurgy attack, I’ve kept it up. Three times a week I don my running shoes, clip on my ipod and join Tom (albeit briefly before he runs off) to jog round the Level.

I’m actually rather impressed with myself. I hate exercise. At school I was always picked last and was never very good. I can completely understand why no one would want me on their team, I dropped the netball, fell over, generally got in the way and remained resolutely miserable throughout any games lesson. I did join a gym a couple of years ago and for six months I did go along, still miserable and forced myself to lift a few weights, row a few yards and would dump myself on the exercise bike for as little time as I thought I could get away with. Perhaps not the best introduction to any new form of exercise – I didn’t expect to last once round the Level.

What has surprised me most is that I actually enjoy running. Who’d have thought it? I listen to music, I try and push myself a little further each time, I get a little shakey, I breathe mist into the air and clutch at my sides, but each lap round feels good. Even when I have to force heavy legs on those occasions when my body really doesn’t fancy it (normally Friday’s for some reason – I suspect it would rather be down the pub). So I’ve invested in some decent running shoes, am going to stock up on podcasts and continue to jog around. It’s no marathon, but it’s good enough for me.



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