New Year, new conference

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 | clearleft | No Comments

The Christmas break was lovely, well apart from the flu, but now I’m back in the office and starting to prepare for UXLondon.  We launched the tickets on Friday, and I’ve been happily watching the invoice requests roll into my inbox ever since.

There’s going to be lots to organise in the run up to June, so I’m starting to plan for this now.  Fortunately last year’s dConstruct doesn’t seem too long ago and so I don’t feel there’s a huge amount to remind myself of before I get stuck in.

They are both very different conferences, so I’m looking forward to seeing how UXLondon differs in terms of organisation.  There’s the obvious distance issue – London rather than just around the corner at the Dome.  UXLondon is also aimed at a very different audience, as Andy mentions.  It is really exciting to see it really start to take shape now and I have to say, what a fantastic line up!

On another Clearleft note – we’re looking for an new intern to come and join us.  This will be the third internship we’ve run since summer last year and are finding them really beneficial, as have our interns. Yay!

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catching up

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 | Uncategorized | No Comments

It’s now been a month since dConstruct and I do feel that I’ve caught up with myself.  It was a huge success this year, drawing in more attendees than ever before and yet again filling the day with some excellent speakers.

Despite what I may have said at the time, the few weeks and days before the event are what really makes me tick.  This was something I missed last year, being in the desert coping with a separate set of extremes.  There is something about the last minute panics, those problems you find you can do nothing about and of course watching the all those plans finally fall into place which makes the whole event for me.

This obviously means that I’m really pleased that we’ll be running another conference next year.  Running along different lines, a much more focussed three day event, UX London will taking place in London next summer.  It’s that bit further from home, which I’m sure will throw up a few logistical challenges: I can’t just run back to the office!  We have a fantastic line up, with Don Norman, Jared Spool and Jeff Veen to name but a few.  Just a little extra pressure then!   I am really looking forward to turning my hand to something a little different though.

Life at Clearleft has turned back to it’s normal pace now.  We’re working on some improvements to Silverback, working on some interesting projects and have been wrestling with the Agile UX bear.  I’m also going to be heading off to Future of Web Apps later this week, and Future of Mobile in November and am really looking forward to finally jetting off to SXSW next March.  A normal pace but not all that quiet; just how I like it.

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