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Packing up and moving on

Friday, August 1st, 2008 | home | No Comments

Instead of spending my Friday night in the pub, I’m knee deep in bags and boxes, packing up the most important things in my flat.  A year and nine months on and I’m moving out, leaving the fantastic wallpaper behind and settling in a couple of hundred yards down the road with Tom.

I’ve spent the last two hours sorting through my wardrobes and realising how many clothes I have that I simply never wear.  Of course, this would be the perfect opportunity to throw things out, and I have made a bit of a dent but I’m hanging on to what is a terrifingly large amount of jeans and jumpers because, quite frankly, you can never have enough of them.

Next up is the kitchen, I’m quite determind to hang on to a large amount of kitchen implements too.  You may be starting to suspect that I’m finding it quite difficult to let go of “my stuff”, and you could be right.  I however, have a perfectly good reason for this.  My stuff is just plain better!  Well, I might get away with that for some things anyway.

Despite the hoards of boxes and the prospect of deciding over which iron irons best, which kettle boils fastest and which toaster you can fit more bread into, I’m really looking forward to moving.  I will miss my little flat.  Unlike my last house, I’m the only person who’s lived her.  And it’s all mine, my first mortgage.  I was somewhat apprehensive at first, a mortgage means that you’re old, finally grown up.  In all honesty though it’s been no different to paying rent.  Well, except I suspect a landlord wouldn’t let me get away with chinese dragon wallpaper.  I shall be keeping hold of it though and renting it out for the foreseeable future and so can still call it “my little flat”.

Once I’ve got the kitchen packed, I’m going sit back and spend the rest of the evening bathing in the nostalgia, spending what could well be my last night here.  I shall settle down with a cold one, lie back on the sofa and trawl through the memories, before stepping on to the next adventure.

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