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Christmas comes…

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 | christmas | No Comments

I’m feeling proud of myself; I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday a whole week ahead of the big event.  Not only that, I managed to do the entire thing in no more than two hours.  Sometimes planning obsessively really does work out.

I’m looking forward to Christmas this year.  My family will be heading over to Tom’s, along with Tom’s mum, to spend the day watching me roast a goose, potatoes and all the rest of the trimmings.  I’ve cooked goose for Christmas twice already, and so I’m feeling quite confident about it.  I haven’t decided on what else I’ll cook yet though, and I’m beginning to feel that I should really start thinking about starter and dessert.  Last year’s Biscuit Tortoni went down a treat, but I think I need to venture into new territory this time.

I think the one thing I’m most looking forward to is the cooking.  I am aware that I really don’t cook much anymore and it is something I love to do.  There’s nothing quite like spending time in the kitchen, chopping, mixing and patiently waiting for the moment you can open the oven and fill the house with rich, warm scents.  And of course, by doing the cooking this leaves Tom to sort out just how we’re going to sit six people around a table for four.  I think he’s got the worse end of the deal!


Webby 5s Night

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 | london | No Comments

Monday night was Webby5s night up at the ICA, organised to help kick off the 12th annual Webby Awards by those charming chaps at Poke London. I jumped on a train, tried desperately hard not to fall asleep, and met up with Tom in time for some dim sum at Ping Pong. Oh I love Ping Pong! Then we dashed over to the Mall in time to grab a free beer and catch up with Matt, Matt and Matt before the talks started.

I really liked the format, lengthened from the original Webbys; five slides and five sentences per slide. Of course there are many ways you can interpret five sentences, a variety of ways you can make them somewhat longer using a interesting punctuation, or of course using none at all. We had a combination of very short, normal, long, longer and entire paragraphs. It was good to see Brighton’s very own Matt Hanson, along with Francis Irving, Rafael Rozendaal and my personal favourite David McCandless.

Another benefit of this nice concise format is that it leaves plenty of time for more free beer before you have to get the train home. So we hung out, discussed the Brighton massive and BSG amongst other equally intellectual topics before dashing back to Victoria to sleepily ride home.

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