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evening in

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007 | sophie | No Comments

Although it’s the Brighton Bloggers Meet Up this evening, I’m feeling achy and cold, my nose is running and I feel generally rather sorry for myself. I don’t want to be ill, I hate colds, and so in an effort to stop any further germination I’ve decided on an evening in, with a cup of lapsang souchong, the furry cushions and Zack to keep me company.

I’ve also decided that the best way to fill my evening is surround myself with candles and dig into The Shadow of the North, one of a collection of new books that arrived from Amazon yesterday. Yes, I know I said I couldn’t buy any more books until I’d got the shelves sorted, and I know that I haven’t done that yet and am still deciding on paint colours, but I forgot! I was swept away in the moment. Books, I said to myself, I must have those books. And so I bought all of the Sally Lockhart series and I don’t feel sorry at all.

I’m trying to resist the lure of take away, instead leaning towards the lure of hot soup and eggy-bread. When I have a cold, well when I can still breath and have a cold, I find it increasingly difficult not to just shovel food down my face. After a weekend of doing much the same, although without the excuse, I can’t really justify phoning Murasaki Bento… or can I? I am feeling a little under the weather after all, what better time to dig into gyoza and chicken katsu? I must be strong. More tea, I think, and the next chapter. That’s bound to help.

chilled for a while

Monday, January 22nd, 2007 | sophie, weekend | No Comments

At last there was a quiet weekend. After a Friday afternoon with a major crisis at work, it was entirely necessary that I spent the evening curled up with the cats and a good round of murder mysteries, nursing a gin and tonic and recovering from my grr-y-ness.

Saturday dawned with glorious sunshine, in January! What joy! It was made better by a lovely, if brief, jaunt into the countryside, lunch at the Open House and a deliciously decadent afternoon nap. Saucy was in store for supper and discussions on beliefs and evolution. Then I have to admit, I gave in and despite many protestations over the months, watch Napoleon Dynamite. I’m still not sure I like it; although there were some beautiful bits, mostly I just found it teeth-wrenchingly painful to watch.

On Sunday we had a lovely time having lunch with James at the Chimney, and ate roast chicken (as you can see, I spent a lot of time eating this weekend, but of course it is one of my favourite things) whilst catching up. We wandered around town, snoozed on the sofa and generally spend the day doing exactly what you should on a Sunday – nothing.

But today is full of excitement because today I booked my holiday and bought the tickets for Burning Man! We’re going to the desert!

five things

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007 | sophie | 4 Comments

Having been tagged by Joh, and having spent quite a lot of time trying to find one interesting thing about myself, I’ve finally made it to five:

1. I’m still afraid of the dark. So much so that after a nightmare I may find it impossible to sleep without the light on. This happens less often these days, but I do still find myself compulsively checking behind me if I’m walking along in the dark.

2. I can’t swim. In fact I’m quite terrified of water. At school, at the tender age of around six, I went swimming. Unfortunately the shallow end was full so we had to wait in the deep end. I sank, and sank and began to get terrified that I’d never see the surface again. I grabbed hold of my PE teachers arm and, having seen the sheer terror on my face, he took me to the side of the pool and left me to shiver. Since then, swimming and I have not got on.

3. I worry that I have no dress-sense at all. I look at other people and, no matter how much attention I paid when getting dressed, I feel that somewhere along the line it’s gone a little awry and I’ve been left with no actual sense of style at all. This is why I wear jeans so often. They’re safe.

4. I love imagining that I live somewhere different, like in a cave, or underground. I’d love to live in a windmill, or water mill. I used to be fascinated by the cave in the Famous Five books and would spend hours imagining that I lived in something similar.

5. I cry far too easily. In fact I’ve been known to cry at mobile phone adverts (the ones for the Carphone Warehouse when the poor blighters get left behind). I’ve become quite good at hiding it, especially in cinemas, otherwise everyone would think me far too girly and emotional!

** As per Joh’s instructions, I’m tagging: Ed, Glasnost, Kerry, Jeff, Aims. However, I don’t think any of them (other than Ed) read this blog! **


Friday, January 5th, 2007 | sophie | No Comments

So it’s finished – three days back at work after ten off and the only really difficult part has been wrestling with bizarre sleeping patterns. Why is it that I can’t fall asleep before 2am? And why all the weirdly vivid dreams? I don’t need insects in my dreams! The world would be much nicer without handbags filled with enormous woodlice!

I’m hoping that the weekend brings the breaking of this week long problem, with an evening at the Krater Comedy Club tonight. I haven’t been for far too long, having had a lovely spate of visits a while back. For very convoluted reasons, whenever I see MC Stephen Grant now I will be picturing Johnnie Vegas, but I’m sure I’ll get over this minor affliction soon enough. A good giggle is just what I need before term starts on Monday.

I need to pick up the wallpaper tomorrow, which means that yes: the plaster is finally dried. The damp proofing is finished and the decorating can start. Which coincides wonderfully with the start of my chief helpers yearly holiday on the slopes. Just my luck!

I also need to find a lion tamer costume for tomorrow night. As usual, photos will be posted so you’ll find out more in due course, but I expect the usual messiness.

out with the old, in with the new

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 | sophie | No Comments

New Years Eve was a fitting end to what has been a year of many changes and wondrous beginnings. We started out at Giles’, where we drank red wine and caught up with old friends. We then headed over to Dan’s for midnight, guzzling bubbly and playing games. We sat about discussing what 2006 had meant for us, and what our plans were for 2007.

For me, 2006 started off quietly. The first few months of the year were a little frustrating, with me very stuck in an old rut. James helped me out of this, taking me along to story-telling events and introducing me to new people for which I will be forever grateful to him.

Also due to James, I headed out to a May Day festival on the last day in April which led to one of those afternoons that you know will change your life. One date, and seven months later, and I can confirm that it certainly has! The last seven months have been filled with fireworks, and in the words of a very wise man “it is just the beginning”.

In September I left my home for the past eight years, having a brief sojourn at Rosehill moving in to my very own flat. It was a time of great stress but picking up they keys that wet October morning more than made up for it all. With the plaster nearly dry after the damp proofing, I’m looking forward to picking up the wallpaper at the weekend and beginning the decorating. Soon it will be looking more like home, and I will finally be able to get rid of the multitude of boxes. I love my home, and am really looking forward to having more of my friends to visit in the near future.

I have shared some fantastic times with friends, although both my best friends have had a difficult year. Katharine has had to deal with the knowledge that Sam, my Godson, is autistic. She has coped so well, and I am enormously proud of her for remaining optimistic in the face of such adversity and being such a fantastic mother. Lyndsey has been diagnosed as suffering from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or ME in old currency), which I know has been incredibly frustrating for her. However yet again, she is coping remarkably well and not letting it get the better of her. Even the little improvements that she makes are huge milestones, and I am thrilled that she is starting to manage her illness more effectively.

I have also decided to change careers, something I have been pursuing recently and will continue to do so into the new year. I’m looking forward to making the break, although the thought is a little daunting.

2007 is going to be a marvellous year, I feel so excited about it. But 2006 was amazing – and I will always remember it for being splendid in so many ways.


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