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Sunday, October 30th, 2005 | Uncategorized | No Comments

Friday was a good day. I had a calm day at work, followed by a massage which made my back feel like I’d never used a mouse or keyboard before, and then Pete and I had a delicious steak at Browns before watching the Corpse Bride. It was a good film, the undead characters were, ironically, fantastically alive and the animation was beautiful. I was surprised to see that they’ve opened a bar at the Odeon, which was unsurprisingly empty as it lacked any atmosphere at all. Unfortunately you arn’t allowed to take your alcoholic drinks out of the bar, which seemed a bit unfair especially as fizzy drinks must make just as much mess if spilt. It looks like the Duke of York’s is still the only cinema where you can enjoy a pint whilst you watch a film.

We finished off the evening with delicious cocktails at Valentino’s. I do love that bar, the staff are friendly and reassuringly careful about keeping up the relaxed atmosphere. One group were removed quietly for taking certain substances in the toilets, I suspect all three of them going in at once was ever so slightly suspicious! It’s a small place but the atmosphere is great, so it’s always a pleasure to sit there and its nice that it has a later license, so you don’t feel you have to leave early or go out clubbing or onto a louder bar.

All in all, it was a lovely evening, so Pete and I decided we’d have to do it again next month.

elephants can remember

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New research shows that elephants may pay homage to their dead. I’ve always wondered about the fascination elephants have with bones and ivory, and this certainly explains more about it. I didn’t realise though, that elephant graveyards were a myth. You learn something new every day!

the joys of helpfulness

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I did manage to get the majority of my present shopping done on Saturday. I took a leisurely wander around the Lanes, which was surprisingly empty for the weekend, looking through windows and choosing presents and finding the whole shopping experience remarkably relaxing.

Normally I hate shopping and try to do it as quickly and efficiently as I possibly can, I hate the endless traipsing around, fighting to get clothes back on hangers and generally getting frustrated. This trip was different, and I suspect the cause was quite simple really. At the first shop I went into, Crabtree & Evelyn, the shop assistant came up to me and asked me if I’d like some help. It was a good start, I find shop assistants normally stand around talking to each other, before whipping away your credit card, taking your money and handing you back your new purchase without even meeting your eye. Not in this shop.

She then proceeded to take me around the shop, talking me through every variation of the things I was interested in, opening jars, wafting scents under my nose and generally answering my every point and “what about that one?”. This left me feeling that, not only had I managed to choose a present, but also that I’d taken an informed look at virtually everything in the shop without having to even think. Amazing!

Whilst she took my new purchases to gift wrap then for me, Shop Assistant Number Two, came along and asked if I’d like to have my hands pampered whilst I waited. Of course! So there I stand, being exfoliated and hand creamed up, all ready for my lovely little blue bag of presents. Out I went into the sunshine, feeling as if shopping were, for once, something relaxing and enjoyable.

Thank you Shop Assistants, you made my day!


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Today I have to go present & card shopping for:

Two grans
Two cousins
One aunt
Couple of friends

And nothing for me. November is an overloaded month for presents, I think.

battle of the cheeses

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It would seem that Wensleydale and Stinking Bishop are fighting over Wallace & Gromit’s support. Yay for cheese fights!

And Happy Belated Birthday to Rich.

November promises to be a month of many birthdays, so I’m hoping that my record of getting cards to people on time improves.


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