So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Four years ago, on a warm and sunny day in May, I started working at Clearleft.  I remember being somewhat daunted by this change in career and having to learn a whole new role, and I went and hid in the Library at lunchtime so I could sit quietly and gather my nerves.  Of course, I don’t do that sort of thing these days.

In the time in between I’ve seen the company double in size and have worked with some remarkably clever people and some fantastic clients.  I’ve also had the joy of organising our conferences: dConstruct, UX London and this year’s new addition Ampersand.  It has been a truly remarkable job and I have learnt an incredible amount and made some super friends.

As The Littlest Hobo would say (if dogs could indeed talk), “There’s a world that’s waiting to unfold” and I feel it’s time for me to grab my metaphorical hat and go unfold it. I shall be leaving Clearleft on the 17th June (Ampersand day – I thought I’d go out with a bang!) and will be jumping on a train to Old Street to join Natalie and Simon Willison at Lanyrd.  It’s a fantastic opportunity and the word “enthusiastic” doesn’t really cover how excited I am to be joining.

I shall be very sad to leave Clearleft and will wave fond farewells to all my chums.  Thanks guys, you’ve been Marvellous!

New Year, new conference

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The Christmas break was lovely, well apart from the flu, but now I’m back in the office and starting to prepare for UXLondon.  We launched the tickets on Friday, and I’ve been happily watching the invoice requests roll into my inbox ever since.

There’s going to be lots to organise in the run up to June, so I’m starting to plan for this now.  Fortunately last year’s dConstruct doesn’t seem too long ago and so I don’t feel there’s a huge amount to remind myself of before I get stuck in.

They are both very different conferences, so I’m looking forward to seeing how UXLondon differs in terms of organisation.  There’s the obvious distance issue – London rather than just around the corner at the Dome.  UXLondon is also aimed at a very different audience, as Andy mentions.  It is really exciting to see it really start to take shape now and I have to say, what a fantastic line up!

On another Clearleft note – we’re looking for an new intern to come and join us.  This will be the third internship we’ve run since summer last year and are finding them really beneficial, as have our interns. Yay!

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and so to work….

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Shameless plug time! For those of you who haven’t already seen it elsewhere (and have at least a vague interest), the dConstruct 07 site is now up, running and looking rather fab thanks to lots of hard work from Paul in the Clearleft office. I’m really looking forward to it, not only will it be my first conference, I’ll also be helping organise it, and will have the great pleasure of flying back from the desert and San Francisco to attend. (OK, that bit I’m not looking forward to quite so much!)

Tickets will be available from July, so subscribe to the RSS feed for regular updates.

Right, that’s enough plugging from me! Back to the joys of the weekend.


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